Classifieds - Practices/Equipment for Sale


Seeking Used Equipment for Kingdom Animal Shelter, a cat-only shelter in Saint Johnsbury VT
The Kingdom Animal Shelter is looking for equipment to set up basic nursing care and intake needs for the cats coming into the shelter. If you have any of the following in storage you'd be willing to sell or donate it would be greatly appreciated!   Dr. Sally Schlueter, 802-274-0386, [email protected]

  • Otoscope/opthalmascope set,
  • autoclave,
  • centrifuge for blood sample processing,
  • fluid pump,
  • fluids pole,
  • small instruments for wound care and cold pack,
  • tray table,
  • tonopen,
  • sundry canisters


Seeking used wheelchairs and carts - BEVS: 
We are seeking donated carts (wheelchairs) that might be lying around in veterinary offices in Vermont.  We try to keep a small supply to have on hand that can be used long or short term for clients who may not be able to afford a new custom cart or need it in the short term.  Please contact Dr. Pam Levin, 802-863-2387, for more information or to donate.